Thirteen Things about zzz

Dear Thirteeners (and others) I saw this strange weekly recapitulation of whatever and I found it quite interesting so here we go… (again)

1. Last week I created my own blog. I’m much more verbal person and never had diary but after reading blogs of my friends I decided to try … wish me luck 🙂

2. Thursday is absolutely my favourite day and when I saw this TT stuff I jumped in this bandwagon!

3. Now I’m doubting I’ll have 13 things to write every week. It seems easy at first sight but I’m not sure if student will have such a turbulent life during exam period? Furthermore fact that English is not my mother tongue will make things even harder …

4. OK this thing should be first but … I LOVE to read! I’m not fast reader (on the contrary: 30-40 books per year) but I’m constant reader, I always have book with me. Recently I started to buy paperback books I already have in hardcover edition because it’s easier to bring them with me. Crazy I know!

5. I hate TV! And since I started to live alone (10 years ago) I decided that TV will not enter in my nest! And I’m so happy with that decision. I know there are lots of good stuff to be seen on TV but there are much more trash. Option IS to change the channel or switch off TV but I’d rather put my PC on that place 🙂 (or plant)

6. I’m Vet student but I’m afraid I’m not so crazy about animals. OK don’t get me wrong, I love animals but they aren’t before humans on my list of priorities. That is causing me certain problems among my colleagues.

7. I started recapitulation of year 2006: important events, best books, best theater plays, movies etc and to write that on my blog. As I said English is not my mother tongue but I have to write in English if I’m aiming to have anyone who’ll read that. Which means I’ll probably write in my future TT posts things from that list.

8.This week I saw two quite interesting films about Women and Islam at Free Zone Film Festival (I have post here about it). After posting my impressions I received many e-mails how it’s OK but senders rather would not post their opinions on that topic… I don’t think I wrote anything offending (sorry if I don’t see it). I’m not sure I understand that.

9. Ups I just realized it’s Thursday already (just past midnight … I hope I’m not breaking any rule with this?)\

10…. (think … think…think) Oh I like Simpsons! I wonder why they fell on my mind??? LOL I know I said I hate TV (and that I don’t have it but I am familiar with what’s on)

11. Oh now when I’m writing abut TV shows I’d like to stress my repulsiveness upon Big Brother! We have first season in Serbia and I cannot believe how enormous lack of ANY knowledge can bee seen on one place. I thought that Homer Simpson is fictional character but hey, Big Brother’s house is full of HSs (with big difference: Homer is funny). It’s such a huge mental contamination watching it! Don’t understand…

12. This evening on my way back home from Spanish classes I found in my house’s entrance a kitten and it starts ingratiating (is that the correct word?) immediately. I never saw something like that … of course I brought it in my flat (outside is cold and it snowing). I’m much (MUCH) more dog lover but this kitten is really so sweet. OK It’s not hungry anymore and tomorrow will think what to do with it … it’s name is “Cat” or “Hello Cat” (“Breakfast at Tiffany” fell on my mind when I saw it).

13. I love this number and while everyone were considering it as bad luck (I guess because of Friday 13th) I never thought in that way. I am Christian (although not radical or something) but for me 13 was on the contrary, very lucky number: there were 12 apostles and we all know who was 13th.

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