13 dots about me:

OK since I’m not at home and my internet access is very limited until after Christmas (7th Jan) when I’ll be back I have to use for this week T13 something I wrote long time ago for my BC profile *blush*.
So this week more-less will be copy/paste action. Sorry.

So here is piece of who I am in 13 dots:

1. There are three rivers in my life. I was born and spend my childhood on one and now I live on the other two. Each of them has died few times and was born again. Now I’m waiting their latest resurrection.

2. I love movement; rivers and rain, storms and wind.

3. One of my favorite writers said:” The inner side of the wind is the one which stays dry while the wind is blowing throughout the rain”. I’m always trying to feel it.

4. I don’t like symmetry especially in space around me but I do like balance in everything. That’s why I started to learn language in which the weight of the book is moving from my left hand to the right one during the reading.

5. I like left side more than right.

6. Thursday is my day.

7. I love plums and lilies.

8. I can’t stand superficiality; my huge preoccupation is to avoid this global transformation into supermarket zombies capable only to buy.

9. I say what I mean and expect the same from others.

10. Wine is my drink and bitter is my flavor.

11. I can’t make music or paintings but I do know to enjoy in them with all my soul. I love Van Gogh but also Jackson Pollock; I love Rachmaninoff but also little younger artists such as REM, ex Talking Heads, PJ Harvey, RHCP…etc.

12. The most perfect piece of something ever made by one man is Michelangelo’s Pieta (1499; Marble, St.Peter’s, Vatican); it is on the very final frontier of perfection, one step behind that frontier could be only God himself.

13. I love people. My greatest achievement is that, in spite life I’ve succeed to not learn to hate.

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