13 things about prejudices and discrimination:

(actually 12 + 1 dedicated specially to my friend Shanna)

1. Few days ago I was listening one radio “show” and guests were organizers of one conference about right of “sexual minorities” and about importance of law which will bring protection to those groups. That made me think about society in which I live? I know ‘sexual minorities’ are very unwelcome here and I wasn’t surprised when I heard about discrimination upon them. 2. Actually that has historical roots here. Namely we were under Ottoman yoke almost five century and one of the practices typical for Ottomans were taking young boys for their sexual adventures. That’s why homophobia and homo-antagonism is very strong here. It’s almost genetically!
3. But somehow I supposed that huge majority doesn’t express publicly their sexual orientation. I don’t know anyone who is homosexual here (and I know lots of people). Few years ago first (and the last) Gay Pride has been transformed into massacre: bunch of opponent soccer fans were united (for the first time) to “destroy sickness” as they said. It was horrible indeed but I wasn’t surprised at all. It was stupid decision to organize Gay Pride here, I mean they must’ve known where they live!
4. But in spite that I believed this is tolerant society and that discrimination is only some isolated excess. But while I was listening that radio show I couldn’t believe what problems people have. One guy after admitting he’s gay was tortured in his own family, he had to move in different town but couldn’t finish high school because no one wanted him (he didn’t want to hide his sexual orientation). Problem was solved after intervention of one NGO.
5. Another case was with women who wanted to donate blood; she was filling one questionnaire and said YES on the question ”Have you ever had sexual intercourse with the person of your own gender?”. They didn’t want to take blood from her. Again, after intervention of one NGO that question has been dropped out that questionnaire.
6. I remembered reaction of my army mates when they found out that I’m reading book where the main character is homosexual: they couldn’t believe it. Now when I think even use words “gay” and “homosexual” instead of “faggot” is gay!
7. Also what made me speechless was other questionnaire where high percent of people was replying that s/he would refuse blood for physically handicapped person. I couldn’t believe that!
8. Of course there is discrimination against people suffering from AIDS and HIV positive (although that are “only” 560 registered at the moment)
9. Perfect “model” according to the guests of that radio show is for example: 45 years, male, married, two-three children, heterosexual, Serbian, Orthodox Christian. If you are all that except married (without children) something must be wrong with you (you are heterosexual!). Worse situation is if you are a woman. Even being atheist might be cause for discrimination!
10. To be honest I do thing there is exaggeration here. Maybe that’s even good marketing move since if you put few drops of exaggeration in your story you’ll provoke stronger emotional reaction. 11. Of course there is the fact that I’m not moving in those illiberal, intolerant circles so I don’t see things from right perspective. But I’m sure something dangerous and evil like this wouldn’t slip by me just like that. I’d noticed them for sure.
12. Interesting and very positive thing is that participants on that conference were includes members of several parliament parties! For the first time some of those has expressed their opinion about this issue (until now they were running away from “sexual” question like the devil from the cross). Of course in Sunday we have parliament elections so this has everything with it! But anyhow I think it is quite positive move.

13. And last thing I wanna say has nothing with previous 12 but I had to include it. My dear friend Shanna is going today in Nepal for four months to do some good and noble work in a middle school. Wishing her safe voyage and lovely time! Hugs Shanna!!!

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