May 2007

Thursday Thirteen

OK tonight I’m little lazy to be smart and educational so this TT will be little fluffy. Namely I’ll write about some of numerous things we have learned from American Movies! To avoid confusion I’m talking about Hollywood Blockbusters!
So here are 13 things we have learned from American movies:

1. Detective can solve the case ONLY if he has been suspended!
2. Every single door can be unlocked with credit card or hair-pin UNLESS we are talking about door which separates us from the crying child in the building in flame!
3. One match is more than enough to light up entire room no matter how huge room is.
4. Eiffel Tower can bee seen from every single window in Paris.
5. It’s totally irrelevant if you are fighting against 20 people in the martial arts. Your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one after another dancing around you with the threatening face until you smash their predecessor.
6. Once you put lipstick it will stay with you permanently, even if you are diving under full diving equipment!
7. If you are German officer you shouldn’t know German at all, it’s more than enough to have German accent! (that applies w
ith French and Russian, etc)
8. When you’re facing with evil international terrorist (who is naturally massive murderer as well) sarcasm and humour are your best weapons!
9. Being naked till the hips is making guy bulletproof.
10. If you have to reload your weapon surely you’ll have enough bullets, even if you haven’t brought them with you previously.
11. If the person has lost its conciseness after severe hit in the head don’t worry, s/he’ll never have brain contusion or some more serious damage!
12. If they are in possessed house during the night, women will explore every single corner in the almost-naked cloth.
13. If you see big glass be sure someone will go thru it very soon.

Oh this is my favourite!
bonus: When they are alone with their compatriots, strangers always prefer to use English rather than their own mother t

Long live Hollywood!!!
Gosh! I love European movies!


Thursday Thirteen

Eurosong 2008

1. More fresh news from this corner of the world!
I never thought I’ll write about Eurovision Song Contest because that was something with no such importance for me but I guess I was wrong. Indeed Serbia won but that’s not the reason why I’m writing about this.

2. Since majority of you are from USA I should explain what it is all about in case you don’t know (and I‘ll post explanation my friend Giz gave): The Contest dates back to 1956 and every country enters one act. You can then vote for your favourite except the country you are calling from. They are professional artists – for example, Cliff Richard was in it twice (although he never won) and the entry that had the biggest ever hit in the USA was UK entry for 1996 Gina Gee singing ”Oh Ah Just a Little Bit”. Probably the most famous ever Eurovision winner is ”Waterloo” by Abba.
The country that wins hosts the next years competition – this year it is Helsinki, Finland.

3. Now I should say that Eurovision Song Contest was always nothing more than annual evening entertainment. Yugoslavia always participated (and won 1989) before its collapse and then after the war and huge pause we 4. came back in Istanbul 2004 as Serbia and Montenegro with one of the best song I’ve heard on this competition EVER (of course this is my personal opinion): Lane Moje performed by Željko Joksimović and Ad Hoc Orchestra. Melody totally represents Serbian music tradition (it’s beautiful fusion of traditional folk music and the modern one) and also the lyrics are: Lane moje means something like my dear but even softer; lane literally means the lamb (of a deer) and it’s archaic and very poetic way to call a dear one. Here you can see their performance from Istanbul (observe reaction of audience):

5. That year was very specific and indeed it was quite emotional (for many of my compatriots and yes, for me too) because after all those crappy years we are back. My disappointment then because we took second place was/is much bigger than joy because of our victory this year. The fact that our song was proclaimed as the best one by the professional musician’s jury wasn’t too helpful.
That 2004 Ukraine took 1st place with some jumping it the fur “Wild Dance” screaming in some variant of to me completely-impossible-to-understand English.
But OK that story is over so we’re jumping on this year’s contest in Helsinki, Finland.

6. I have to say I’m not fan of Marija Šerifović (this year’s winner) but when I heard her song on national competition I really liked a lot; the song was really good, the lyrics and arrangement too and she has great voice! (by the way I think those other girls is to show that we have pretty ones as well).
7. And (which I especially liked) she broke all patterns:
First time after 1991 contest winning song was in native language (not English)
First time after 1994 contest a ballad won.
Choreography was completely minimalist without jumping all over the scene.
And of course physical appearance of the singer was not nearly model-like.
So I do think that this time song was the main issue.

8. Here you can hear the winning song “Molitva” (Prayer):

9. And then comes reactions from Europe which is the main reason why I’m writing about this. I’m completely shocked by reaction of Western European media (mainly British).
Comment on BBC was ”At times, their routine resembled liturgical dancing. At others, it seemed to be a slow-motion lesbian porn film” and then comes comments about her physical appearance and “political” voting. Namely many think that Serbia won because ex-Yugoslavia countries (there is also as they say ex-USSR and Scandinavian block) are voting for each other and therefore song from West Europe will never win. Press reactions to the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 final in Western European countries was cynical at best, with calls to withdraw from tabloid columnists and former participants alike in the weekend news. You can find some news how Serbian song is actually plagiary of Albanian one which is such obvious nonsense (I’ve heard both one). It’s very strange and I would say very significant that almost no one in UK searched reasons for bad result in their utterly bad song.

10. On the other hand I do think that people here are taking quite seriously what they’ll chose to represent them in Europe and are putting much more effort than in West European countries. Indeed there are ‘neighboring voting” but I think that is logical because they understand the song, it’s very close to their ethnos and they are recognizing it as their own BUT I don’t think that is crucial especially not this year. Our song didn’t receive votes only from three or four countries (of 42) so neighbors have helped but without rest of the Europe we wouldn’t win.

11. I like one comment on the BBC (on the question “Should Serbia have won Eurovision?”), here it goes:
Is it really so hard for England to accept that Serbia has won? Would there be such question if England has won? Can you imagine such title “Should England have won”? Arrogance will not make you win anything.

12. I should say that German ORF continues to call Serbia’s entry a “classy song”, whilst France’s Le Monde reports that “finally, a good song has won”

13. For the end of this quite longish TT I’ll post photos: 70000 people in a front of Belgrade City Hall came to welcome the winner! (I never expected that people here are taking Eurosong so seriously!)

Oh yes I almost forgot:
See you in Belgrade next year!

My apologize to everyone who have left comments here and whose blogs I can’t visit. Namely I still have problem to open certain blogs (not all) on blogger.)

Thursday Thirteen

Superman beware!

Kryptonite is real!!!

1. OK I’m finally back after quite long time. Firstly I had too many obligations (I still have them) and secondly I was unable to login on my old blog, which is why i decided to move here; so this is officially first TT from my new home 🙂
2.Therefore I decided to write you something which you probably don’t know and it has everything with my corner of the world, Serbia.
Namely as you can see from the title this post will be about Kryptonite.

3.So what do you know about it? Every fan of Superman knows it’s the stone from the remains of Superman’s native planet of Krypton. According to movie and comic-book storylines, kryptonite is supposed to sap Superman’s powers whenever he is exposed to its large green crystals. 4.It was produced from the material of Krypton, when it was destroyed in an explosion.
And that was about fictional kryptonite. But have you ever thought could it be real???
Well the answer (believe it or not) is YES!

5. Kryptonite is no longer just the stuff of fiction feared by caped superheroes. A new mineral matching its unique chemistry, but unlike its famous counterpart, the new mineral is white, powdery and not radioactive. And, rather than coming from outer space, the real kryptonite was found in Serbia ten days ago.

6.‘Towards the end of my research I searched the web using the mineral’s chemical formula, sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide , and was amazed to discover that same scientific name written on a case of rock containing kryptonite stolen by Lex Luther from a museum in the film Superman Returns’ says Dr Stanley from Natural History Museum in London and adding 7. ‘The new mineral does not contain fluorine and is white rather than green, but in all other respects the chemistry matches that for the rock containing kryptonite. We will have to be careful with it – we wouldn’t want to deprive Earth of its most famous superhero!’

8.The mineral cannot be called kryptonite under international nomenclature rules because it has nothing to do with krypton – a real element in the Periodic Table that takes the form of a gas. 9.Instead, it will be formally named jadarite when it is described in the European Journal of Mineralogy later this year. 10. Jadar (correct pronunciation would be like Yadar) is the name of the place where the Serbian mine is located.

11. The mineral is relatively hard but is very small grained. Each individual crystal is less than five microns (millionths of a meter) across.

12.‘Being able to analyze all the properties of a mineral, both chemical and physical, brings us closer to confirming that it is indeed unique.’ says Yvon Le Page, an expert in the field of crystallography at the Canada’s National Research Council and adds, 13.Finding out that the chemical composition of a material is an exact match to an invented formula for the fictitious kryptonite, was the coincidence of a lifetime’

Don’t know what to say? It seems neither is Superman able to help us … we’re done… (or we are more super than Superman LOL!)

undefinedOK It’s time for moving. Not that I’m happy, not at all, on the contrary but if that’s the only solution why wait?

Namely I have some severe problems with my blog on Blogger which doesn’t allow me to login from my computer. I’d be able to publish from someone else’s I guess (that’s the case with few other people who have the same problem) but where’s the point of such blogging?
I have on my mind so much to write about but was waiting to solve the problem… I think I waited too long, I’ve tried so many things but without success so here I am at new spot (thank you Karen for pointing me here!) where I truly hope I will stay.

If you’re interested to see my old blog here is the link: zzz’s creative mess

Once again Welcome!

I just imported all my posts (and comments) from Blogger so it seems this will be complete move! All previous posts are imported so don’t be confused (this one is officially first on this place)
As I wrote this blog is still under construction and I have to figure out how everything works here so you can expect some changes …

OK last few weeks I was unable to login on my blog to publish new posts. I thought it was some internal error but it seems I was wrong. Anyhow I was constantly getting some error code and I’ve sent it on Blogger Help group only to found out I’m not the only one with the same problem. Sadly, no one from Blogger support team hasn’t post solution or at least some advice.
During the waiting I went on so many events I’d like to post here and due to the login problem I lost my enthusiasm to write them and save for some future moment 😦
Also I was quite angry because of the ignorance of the Big Blogger!
So I created new blog on WordPress but it’s still under construction. Actually I’m kind of hesitating to start posting there because I like it here (I guess I’m so spoiled with easiness that blogger offers) but more because of all my previous posts here. It’s like I’m abandoning them (silly I know).
However tonight I accidentally logged in without any problem and therefore I’m posting this. I don’t know is this means that problem is solved or is temporary solution.
So if I disappear again that will mean I can’t login again and I’m definitively moving there (any advice with WordPress or WP vs Blogger?)

My daemon

In the meanwhile I’ll post about my daemon.
Yep anyone who is fan of Philip Pulman’s The Golden Compass (I’m not but I like this idea) will know what I’m talking about. And who knows, since I like this idea maybe I’ll read Pulman’s trilogy 🙂
OK when I’ve done my ‘testing’ I was raccoon but I see now I’m wolf. That’s because some of my friends replied on some questions about who I am and apparently changed a little bit my image. Of course you can change my daemon’s shape as well by clicking HERE (My Daemon) or on the image above 🙂