undefinedOK It’s time for moving. Not that I’m happy, not at all, on the contrary but if that’s the only solution why wait?

Namely I have some severe problems with my blog on Blogger which doesn’t allow me to login from my computer. I’d be able to publish from someone else’s I guess (that’s the case with few other people who have the same problem) but where’s the point of such blogging?
I have on my mind so much to write about but was waiting to solve the problem… I think I waited too long, I’ve tried so many things but without success so here I am at new spot (thank you Karen for pointing me here!) where I truly hope I will stay.

If you’re interested to see my old blog here is the link: zzz’s creative mess

Once again Welcome!

I just imported all my posts (and comments) from Blogger so it seems this will be complete move! All previous posts are imported so don’t be confused (this one is officially first on this place)
As I wrote this blog is still under construction and I have to figure out how everything works here so you can expect some changes …