Thursday Thirteen

OK tonight I’m little lazy to be smart and educational so this TT will be little fluffy. Namely I’ll write about some of numerous things we have learned from American Movies! To avoid confusion I’m talking about Hollywood Blockbusters!
So here are 13 things we have learned from American movies:

1. Detective can solve the case ONLY if he has been suspended!
2. Every single door can be unlocked with credit card or hair-pin UNLESS we are talking about door which separates us from the crying child in the building in flame!
3. One match is more than enough to light up entire room no matter how huge room is.
4. Eiffel Tower can bee seen from every single window in Paris.
5. It’s totally irrelevant if you are fighting against 20 people in the martial arts. Your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one after another dancing around you with the threatening face until you smash their predecessor.
6. Once you put lipstick it will stay with you permanently, even if you are diving under full diving equipment!
7. If you are German officer you shouldn’t know German at all, it’s more than enough to have German accent! (that applies w
ith French and Russian, etc)
8. When you’re facing with evil international terrorist (who is naturally massive murderer as well) sarcasm and humour are your best weapons!
9. Being naked till the hips is making guy bulletproof.
10. If you have to reload your weapon surely you’ll have enough bullets, even if you haven’t brought them with you previously.
11. If the person has lost its conciseness after severe hit in the head don’t worry, s/he’ll never have brain contusion or some more serious damage!
12. If they are in possessed house during the night, women will explore every single corner in the almost-naked cloth.
13. If you see big glass be sure someone will go thru it very soon.

Oh this is my favourite!
bonus: When they are alone with their compatriots, strangers always prefer to use English rather than their own mother t

Long live Hollywood!!!
Gosh! I love European movies!