Thursday Thirteen

1. I remember once I was chatting with one American girl and it was very pleasant conversation; it was as if we were, what people say kinder spirits. It was quite relaxed atmosphere (considering it was online nothing strange you’d say, but this was really specific) and in one moment she suggested we should go on coffee and continue our conversation in live. 2. I was little confused and thought she was joking so I accepted her suggestion. After a while I realized that her thrillness is little strange for something so impossible, so I suspected she’s serious about our meeting. Indeed she was. 3. Then I said That would be fabulous but we do have “little” problem with the physical distance. Then she said if I can’t come to her town she’ll come here. OK that was very serious for someone you know for a few hours you spent online but we aren’t that rigid here I said OK but couldn’t believe it so I was keep asking “You’re joking or not or … uh”. She said “It’s not big deal? I don’t know why you have problem to come here but it’s really OK to come there on a coffee.” I replied I don’t have money for that coffee-trip and even if I do my hair would become gray until I get entrant visa” 4. THEN she was completely confused and asked me “What are you talking about? You live in Belgrade right?”; “Right” I said; “Belgrade, Maine right?”; “LOL Wrong! Belgrade, Serbia, Europe!”

5. That was hilarious experience. In one moment of primal fear I thought “she’ll come and marry me and abduct me. God please make her normal (then I realized how that contradictory is!)”.
6. Belgrade-Main! Then I found out about Belgrade-Minnesota; Belgrade-Montana and Belgrade-Nebraska. There are 5 Belgrades in the world and that American custom is SO odd from my point of view.
7. Good Lord neighboring towns of Belgrade-Main are Manchester (originally in UK), Oakland (originally in New Zealand), Rome (originally in Italy) and Sidney (originally in Australia) and I’m sure there are few more Romes and Sidneys etc. 8. There is even a state Georgia! I wonder if people there knows about the originals?
I don’t know, maybe my confusion with that practice is silly but I really don’t understand.

9. Anyhow I’ll write a little bit about my lovely ORIGINAL Belgrade.
Last April my Belgrade has ‘celebrated’ 1129 years of its first mentioning under its Slavic name (Belgrade= Beli Grad= White City) in written form.
It’s in document from the Vatican Archive: Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Registro Vaticano, I, ff. 30-42
10. It is in the letter of Pope John VIII to Bulgarian prince Boris dated April 16th, 848. where he’s mentioning Slavic name of the city.
11. Here is an image of that letter (observe last word in 10th line):


12. Oh the oldest known settlement in the Belgrade area dates back to 5000 B.C. Later on, the region was inhabited by Illyrians, Celts and Romans. Slavs arrived here in the 7th century.
13. Hope someone from other Belgrades will read this since it’s in that weird way history of their own towns as well…