OK I’m VERY late with this one. Namely this contest has been announced more that month ago but I was in the middle of my faculty obligations (which you may noticed with my not-consistent posting here). I now I’m really horrible with all kind of reading contests; I usually fail because I just can’t force myself to pick few titles and read them one after another. I just love to take randomly book from my shelf when I finish current book so usually I just can’t stay with the list I’ve made earlier. I guess that’s not quite normal, right?

Anyhow I’m jumping in this train and catching the last wagon with the permission of Susan from West of Mars who created this journey. I must admit that she is actually reason why I’m jumping in another contest with this embarrassing contest history of mine. She often has lovely bookish contests promoting new, young writers and independent publishers but I was always forced to skip them due to numerous reasons. So now when I think I’m able to play, here I am 🙂

Here are the rules:

1. Find a book that’s a “hidden treasure”. That means a book that hasn’t made it to a best-seller list anywhere that you can find. A suggested reading list is available at WestofMars.com. Feel free to find your own treasure, though.

2. The book MUST be from a royalty-paying publisher. If in doubt, ask.

3. Read it.

4. Post a review somewhere on the Internet between July 15 and August 15.

5. Sign the Mr. Linky at West of Mars. Include the permalink for your review.

6. Yes, you can use a Hidden Treasure book that fulfills another contest or reading challenge.

7. Yes, you can review more than one book.

8. If, for some reason, you don’t want to win a prize, let Susan know.

9. If you have suggestions for the Hidden Treasures Suggested Reading List, or a prize for the winners, drop Susan an e-mail.

10. Prizes will be awarded August 20. Winners will be contacted and winning list will be posted no later than 22 August.

Check out this post if you search additional information or original contest post 🙂

(I’m still thinking about book(s) I’ll use and waiting reply from Susan to see what she thinks about my suggestions)