Thursday Thirteen

Oh I think I lost one day. I thought tomorrow is Thursday so I’m little unprepared for this week’s TT therefore it will not be like previous ones.

I remember once someone of fellow TThirteeners have suggested me to write about some sayings that are impossible to translate in other languages, or if so they’ll sound like pure nonsense. So here are 13 nonsense that have very frequent use in common Serbian language:

1. go with throat in strawberries = go/do something completely unprepared.
2. thunder don’t strikes in the nettle = only the good die young
3. when on willow grow grapes = never/not in a million years
4. he’s got leek sticking out of his ass = for someone who is coming straight from peasant but trying to act like a member of noble aristocracy
5. come from ass to the head (usually idea) = wise up to
6. what granny wanted that is what she dreamed about = whish is father to the thought
7. mountain was shaking, mouse was born = much ado about nothing
8. hold on water until handicraftsmen don’t go = it’s a patch-up job
9. knocked with wet sock = slightly crazy
10. in the end, donkey has been eaten by the wolf = there won’t be any fallout
11. They are like horns in the bag = they fight like cats and dogs
12. those are all Spanish villages for me = means “I don’t have a clue” about something
13. promise- reason for crazy ones to be happy = don’t believe in everyone’s promises

OK so those are 13 phrases we are using a lot. As I said I thought tomorrow is Thursday so this was “catching on fly”. I hope you’ll find it at least entertaining.

Now I’m going in bed since it’s 3.45 am

Happy TT!

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