Last Friday (16th) I met great Spanish novelist Javier Sierra here in Belgrade. He was promoting his new novel “The Lady in Blue” (La Dama Azul) which has been just published in Serbian. I was so excited, well as I usually am when I’m suppose to meet someone with whom I already shared so many hours without knowing him/her in personal. That’s always tricky, especially if you have some image based on the novel(s) and then I’m always finding myself little surprised after discovering that writers are actually human beings. LOL

I really enjoyed in Sierra’s bestselling novel “The Secret Supper” (it was very popular among Serbian readers. I think it was 4th on the year list of bestselling novels behind Pamuk, Coelho and Braun), novel full of riddles, mystery, codes, history and the Great Leonardo! What I found fascinating in that novel is huge research which standing behind the book; you can think that writing a book is a huge adventure (probably that’s not the case. I usually think that writing a book is much closer to giving a birth!). That’s why I’m so looking forward to read The Lady in Blue, he wrote in dedication note “the secret is now mine for ever” I just have to read it!

We had nice conversation in Spanish (he was so surprised when I started talking in his mother tongue and he gave me lots of compliments for my pronunciation, as if I’m not stranger! That was really great to hear!)

About the book …soon.

Javier Sierra and me