Thursday Thirteen

1. I spoke recently with one of my Spanish professors and she said that one of the strangest thing she saw on the streets of Belgrade is popcorn! Whole world is eating popcorns on the street. 2. When I asked her what’s so strange there, aren’t popcorns common in Spain as well? She said yes people are eating popcorns but not on the streets but in their homes.

3. This evening while I was going back from my class I was observing what people are eating/can buy for eat in the main pedestrian zone in Belgrade and indeed number one are popcorns. On every 100 m there you can buy popcorns!

Chestnuts4. Since it’s winter and quite cold number 2 is roasted chestnuts. Unlike popcorns I LOVE chestnuts. People are roasting it on the street and when you buy it they are so hot but that is the charm: peeling hot, hot chestnuts and then let them melting in your mouth. Beautiful indeed and so winterish. 5. You know couples are often buy two big cartridges of roasted chestnuts and then sit on the bench on the old fort above two big rivers Danube and Sava and feed one another. (6. you can add full moon and stuff like that if you like).

7. Then there is roasted corn. I love that one as well but it leaves traits after eationg so it’s quite handy to care dental floss with yourself. You think that’s crazy (OK I’m crazy but I have dental floss always with me).djevrek
8. Ok there is also boiled corn but now it’s not its season.

9. Then there is ђеврек or đevrek it’s round dough with sesame and … I’m not sure but is beautiful! I love it whan it crisp in my mouth.

10. Of course pizza. Is tehre any place where you can’t buy pizza? But difference with us here is (Italians are horrified with that) wa are putting ketchup on pizza! And there are so many variations. During the cold evenings I prefer one with chili peppers.

Gibanica11. You can’t skip burek. Something we took from Turks and modified it so now there are burkes with meat, cheese, mushrooms, etc. I love it! Or traditionally Serbian Gibanica (Serbian phyllo pastry dish, usually made with Serbian white cheese, less common with other cheeses)

12. And since it’s time of Lent there are fast food adequate for the people who are respecting it. I ate this evening, small breads stuffed with leek for instance. It’s healthy and delicious.

13. So this is the food you can buy on the street and food you will normally eat while walking and chatting with friends or while taking your dog in walk (and share few bites).

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